My name is Ed and I have been working with computers since before most people had computers in their homes or businesses.  I began working on computers and programming in BASIC back on computers such as PET, TRS-80, Commodore 64, Apple IIe, and then on to IBM clones with Windows.

I worked unofficially on computers daily both at home and as the knowledgeable staff member that everyone asks for help in every office for many years.  Later, I decided to pursue IT as a career.  I enrolled and completed a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology to formalize my IT knowledge.

Since then I have been working as an IT manager and consultant for many firms.  Some of the various projects that I have successfully accomplished include:

  • Replacing and updating every piece of technological equipment for all eleven sites of a retail firm.
  • Moving those same eleven sites from old point-to-point data circuits to a modern VPN circuits with Internet access, replacing every piece of networking equipment in the process.
  • Replacing the ERP system for that same company.  Providing initial research, recommendations, implementation, data conversion from the old system to the new, training, and ongoing maintenance.
  • Moving offices from peer-to-peer workgroup networks to Windows Server based networks.
  • Assisting in the upgrade and replacement of entire phone systems for various offices and retail locations.
  • Helping a non-profit with a very successful 25th anniversary gala, including setup, support, and operations during the event.
  • Solved a difficult WiFi virus infection issue caused by important guests personal computers by researching and implementing a network wide hardware anti-virus solution.
  • Corrected and simplified old WiFi installation corruptions in a site with 9 different WiFi routers in place and prior no documentation or information available about the location or setup of said routers.
  • Changing of Internet service providers many times for various offices.
  • Migrated mail servers from proprietary systems to Google Apps or Microsoft 365 for various companies.
  • Maintained an old Unix server after end-of-life until a replacement could be planned and implemented.
  • Maintained Linux servers for various locations.
  • Created Active Directory configurations for a couple of non-profits.
  • Implemented Crystal Reports in a retail environment.  Created reports based on business needs.
  • Established Salesforce databases for non-profits.
  • Maintained, setup, and migrated various software including BusinessWorks, Quicken, Office, a variety of Anti-Virus programs and many others.
  • Recommended, purchased, setup, and maintained various computing hardware including desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, networking equipment, copiers, printers, scanners, and many others.

Call me and let’s see what I can get working for you!

(425) 760-5537


Good with people, good with computers

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